Again over the Christmas period Cheryl and I met Quilts & Jenny in London for a quick lunch. Quilts had suggested that we go to Selfridge’s for salt beef sandwiches. Having only ever had them from the bagel shops in and around brick lane I thought this was a great idea. So we made our way there, through the wind and the rain.

Quilts & Jenny found us in the food court, I had spent the last five minutes doing exactly what my old man would have done, baulking at the price of a lot of the stuff they had on offer there. Don’t get me wrong it looked good but was also pricey. So we made out way to The Brass Rail and it was almost like cafe service, you choose what you want, pick up a tray, tell the man, he gives it to you and then you pay… simples.

Cheryl and I chose the salt beef with French mustard and we told the man. (Now I only wish I had taken a picture of the meats as there is a choice of tongue, salt beef and pastrami all produced and cured in house. Each one of them looked great). I watched the man preparing the sandwich as he took two slices or rye, splattered on a little bit of mustard and then proceeded to start cutting the beef. He meticulously cut the beef and weighed it on the scales. They are fairly generous as you get 200grams of beef in each sandwich. I rounded mine off with some sauerkraut and a pickle.


I think you can see that it looked good, a real meat sandwich. I took a bite and the meat was fantastic. It was moist, tender and had a hint of salt. Rather than a slightly tough steak sandwich where sometimes you have to bite hard and you loose half the sandwich/meat, there were no such problems here. There could have been a little more mustard as I found it a little dry. I would have also liked the sauerkraut in the bread but that could have been my fault for not asking, I’m not sure.


Quilts had the reuben, which is somewhat of a special at the rail. I have only had them in America before and I love them. It is basically one mother of a sandwich with thousand island dressing, sauerkraut and cheese in the sandwich with all that beef. It looked immense and the huge pie finished it. He seemed to really enjoy it and I would have ordered it but it was too large for me.


I liked the experience and more over I liked the salt beef, the rye it came on and the informal setting (even in Selfridge’s). Things that I did not like were the cost, it was £8.50 for a sandwich, sauerkraut and pickles were extra (the reuben was £15!). It was a little dry as I am a sauce man so maybe I needed a little more mustard or just to get the reuben. The meat is definitely the star of the show however. If you like it meaty you must go and try it at least once. So with that in mind I am giving them a hamburger. I wanted to give them more but I just think it’s lacking something for the price. A recommendation would be try bagel bite, brick lane. They do a good salt beef bagel and its around half the price but you do get a good wedge of beef and it’s not in Selfridge’s. As always keep eatin.

Brass Rail - Salt Beef Bar - Selfridges & Co on Urbanspoon


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