Over Christmas Cheryl and I decided to try some of the pubs in the area we had not been to, so we started at the top of Askew road and started our way towards Hammersmith. After a few pubs we were hungry so we decided to head to The Thatched House, a pub we had eaten at before. The main reason was that Cheryl knew they did a good schnitzel and even though we were in Germany only the week before chowing down on them she wanted more, so we made our way there.

As we wandered in the pub was pretty empty (it was the period after Christmas and before New Year). It is reasonably big and has a semi open kitchen that you can see the chefs working, well from a certain angle. We ordered a couple of drinks and went through the menu. I was ravenous so I ordered a starter where as Cheryl abstained. I ordered the scotch egg followed by a burger and Cheryl the schnitzel.


The scotch egg turned up after about ten minutes on a little wooden planche. First impressions were good and I noticed the dark orange yolks (which I believe shows the eggs are very free range) and the sauce that came with it. I tucked in and it was delicious, the mincemeat was seasoned perfectly and also had a nice thin crispy outside. Inside the whites were hard and the yolks slightly soft still. I took another mouthful and was really enjoying it, I then decided to dip into the sauce and try it…. hmmm big mistake. It was just brown sauce, sharp, tart and vinegary. I can’t see why you would put the two together even as a bar snack. I quickly polished off the rest and waited for the next dish.


Another 10 minutes or so my burger turned up. Again first impressions were great, maybe the only thing it was missing was a pickle spear. I dived in and the first couple of mouthfuls were superb. The meat was cooked and seasoned well, the cheese was melted perfectly (which they make and process in house) and the brioche bun slightly sweet but airy (again it is baked freshly each day). However as I kept eating there was a slight problem…


There was too much sauce in the burger. It had French’s mustard, ketchup and the juice from the burger itself, for me it made the whole thing too saucy which also detracted from all the good bits. Don’t get me wrong I’ve had a lot worse but it was a near miss. The fries that went with the burger were crispy, salted well and just enough to satisfy me.


Now for Cheryl’s schnitzel the presentation again was good and I loved the little pickles and salad on the side, however it looked like the schnitzel had been over cooked as it was very dark brown. Cheryl started eating and while enjoying the dish she had a small gripe that it was over cooked (she never complains). That in turn made the meat slightly tougher than it was the last time we were there. Never the less she ploughed on and finished her meal (well almost all of it, I finished a small bit of her meat for her)


The meal we had was all in all not bad. The scotch egg great but the brown sauce that came with it totally in the wrong place. The burger was good but too saucy. The schnitzel OK but over cooked. So maybe we caught them on an off day. I also missed that last time on the menu they were shouting about the make-up of their burger and meats/cuts used, the whole experience missed a bit of the wow factor. To be fair to the Thatched House each dish was very reasonably priced with both mains being around £10, which these days will get you a very average main at a lot of pubs in London. So taking all of this into consideration I would give them a hamburger. Not a terrible visit but definitely could do better. Hopefully next time we go back there will be a little more consistency. If you are interested take a look at the previous visit to compare HERE. Keep eatin.

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