So it was a Tuesday night and my brother had arranged to go and buy new ski boots from a shop in Fulham road as a birthday present to himself. So we organised to meet afterwards and go for a quick bite as it’s almost on my way home. We met in a pub for a pint first only to find out, much to my amusement, they didn’t have any stock of boots in his size as it was out of season. Dohh! Oh well no worries we decided to wander to Guaca not far from Fulham Broadway.

As we approached there were a few people sitting outside in silly Mexican hats, I thought ‘hmm I think I’m going to like this place’. We walked in and were seated (it was fairly busy for a Tuesday night.) On our table were some Mexican hats (there was a table in the corner with a wider variety), it seems it’s customary to wear a hat when you are in there, so we both indulged and popped the hats on. Look at these banditos….


After the hat shenanigans we looked at the menu and ordered a starter of nachos with chicken strips to share and then our mains. The starter arrived in under 10 minutes. Speedy Gonzalez…


It was a pretty sizeable starter (I only wanted something as a small taster). My first thought was that it looked like a car crash on a plate but then I would guess its fairly difficult to make nachos look sexy. So we tucked in and I was pleasantly surprised. The nachos had a good crunch to them and were slathered in cheese (not that liquid type… queso  which I personally cant stand!). There was also a healthy dollop of guacamole one side and sour cream on the other, some jalapeños and the usual diced onions and tomatoes. We had been eating them for about 5 minutes and still there was a huge pile… good for value bad for the fact I thought I may not finish my main. Oh I should also mention there were strips of chicken on top which were totally unnecessary as we both ate them separately and its not like we needed more food but they were also cooked well. Eventually we finished and the waitress took our plates away…. on to the border or the mains.


I had ordered chimichangas with beef (which is basically a deep friend burrito)… mmm healthy!!! It was delicious! The beef was slow cooked and very tender, the outter shell was not too crispy and it was also topped with a little melted cheese. It was also served with a healthy dollop of guacamole, rice and beans. All of which were tasty (not mind blowing but solid). It was also a  very healthy portion and I managed to finish my chimichangas but not the sides. I was a little too full from the starter but I was satisfied.


My brother had ordered the mixed fajitas and it turned up on a hot skillet with the tortillas sizzling and all the accompaniments (I am not sure why he was looking for divine inspiration in the picture). Everything was served in its own dish and presentation was good. He tucked in and reported back everything was also tasty. He was munching through his dinner and he finished the tortillas and asked for some more which the house dully brought, in quick time too. Although he asked for one and got another 5… whoops.


To wash this down my brother ordered a cocktail (as bad as it is I can’t remember exactly what it was but I think I might have been a long island ice tea). It came in a pretty cool kilner style jar and a straw. It was also pretty potent too and damn tasty.


We popped into Guaca for a quick dinner and it hit the brief. It was a fun place and if it wasn’t a Tuesday night I could have stayed for a few more drinks or cocktails, all while wearing a huge Mexican sombrero of course. The food was solid and good without being out of the ordinary and the price was also not bad, dinner came to around £25 a head with a couple of rounds of drinks (or cocktails). So with all that being said I am giving it a hamburger albeit with jalapeños, good solid Mexican food and if you are in the neighbourhood its worth stopping in, but not worth a special journey unless you like wearing hats. Keep eatin.
Guaca Mexican Cantina & Cocktail Bar on Urbanspoon


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